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Paintin' on Gray - PMDU Team application by slasher360 Paintin' on Gray - PMDU Team application by slasher360
05/06/14 - Added more description to the moves! Because... I have too much time on my hands! ¬.¬

Oh man, If this wasn't funny to think up.
I must quickly say that Scott's artwork is probably the best thing I've ever drawn, so let's hope it wasn't a fluke :P

Okey! Lets get some storylines down.

:bulletblue: Scott the Meowstic

:bulletred: Nature: Naughty
:bulletgreen: Trait: Thoroughly Cunning

:bulletred: Strength: 1
Scott isn't very strong. His only real attack move, Psybeam, is still more used for a distraction or to confuse them (or make pretty fireworks) than do any real damage. Sucker Punch is to annoy the enemy more than hurt them. He doesn't fight if he can anyway - both because it would ruin his ego (he knows he would lose) and because he is somewhat of a pacifist.
:bulletblue: Intelligence: 0 (+2 from Psychic Type)
If psychic types weren't naturally smart, Scott would be dumb. Scott has a terrible memory and isn't very knowledgeable. This is mostly because he could never be bothered to learn, but less in a "knowledge is useless" way and more in a "Leave it to the scientists" way. however, he puts all his intelligence into philosophy - He likes his wise phrases, as they make him seem "more mysterious".
:bulletgreen: Agility: 4
Cats are naturally agile, and where Scott isn't a good fighter, he is a good runner. He's adept at climbing, running, jumping, "Ninjaring" and general movement. He isn't perfect, as he sometimes trips over himself or makes a bad move, but he isn't useless.
:bulletwhite: Charisma: 5
Scott is a master of charisma. This practice, unfortunately, mostly comes from his attempts to chat up women. Along with his philosophical views Scott is very good at convincing people to do things or see his way. But most of all, Scott is good at making people smile and laugh, and is what he spends most of his time doing.
(Points Left: 0)

:bulletblack: Inventory: Black Bow tie

:bulletblue: Moves:
Scott yawns. A short time later, everything in a short radius falls flat on their faces, fully asleep.
-Sucker Punch
If an enemy is trying to use an attack, Scott gains large amounts of energy - enough to quickly dash up to them and 

:bulletgreen: History:
You really shouldn't listen to this guy when it comes to the topic of his past. Well, when we look past the idea that you really shouldn't listen to this guy at all that is. Most of the time he will reply with: "Oh, I've been incredibly swag all of my life" or "If you heard that story you would die from over exposure to pure awesomeness." So, let's not listen to him. The truth of it is, as probably expected, rather the opposite; when he was younger he was very depressed. To say Scott had a self-identity crisis when he was younger would be a severe understatement - he used to sit by himself, letting questions like "Who am I" and "Who am I meant to be" wash through his head. No one really knows how or why he came to an answer, but one day he appeared to just decide who he was. No questions about it. Just upped and became a person out of the blue. Some pokémon said that it was all a ploy, an act to hide his depressed nature, but he really did seem to evolve from quiet nobody who sits by himself in a corner to friend of everyone and anyone practically overnight. Comedian, Joker, Musician, Actor and pathetic womaniser, Scott quickly made a name for himself in his little village. That was, of course, until the fog came, and, like everyone else, Scott became abandoned to everyone, just as they became abandoned to him.

Scott walked in a straight line. Such was the way he "rolled" in his new persona. But quickly, the fog started to look familiar to him - a lot like the fog in his mind that had shrouded his thoughts for the first decade of his life. And, soon, Scott realised he was crying. As each drop of salty despair dripped into the perpetual fog, the fog itself cleared, little by little, and Scott could see further and further. His tears dried and his eyes became those of wonder instead of sadness. Why was the fog clearing now? Was his life in the village to continue? Had the Gods taken pity on his woeful soul? And as the last tear touched down on the now-visible earth, the fog was gone. Scott looked forward upon a small town. Lively and carefree were its villagers. Tall and mighty stood a tower in it's centre. A symbol of peace and prosperity. As Scott took a curious step toward the spectacle that lay before him, his foot landed on something unfamiliar. Stepping back to look at his violator, there lay 5 multi-coloured crayons. Scott picked them up slowly and stared silently at them for a short while. He then looked up slowly and found at a bare wall. A smile crept its way across his sniggering face.

"I think this place is about to meet Scott," sniggered the blue cat under his breath.

:bulletblue: Relationships:
    Marcus - Marcus's is easily Scott's best friend and most trusted companion, though he doesn't show this face on. Scott enjoys playing pranks on Marcus and generally having fun. He sees him as a comrade, someone he can fall back on. On the other hand, however, he also somewhat uses him as protection against everything and anything that might want to hurt him, to which Marcus gets pretty angry at. Scott also views Marcus as a genius who is perfect at everything and can do everything, and refuses to see otherwise, even if Marcus mucks up pretty badly. Once again, Scott doesn't tell anyone this, as he views it as "sappy".

:bulletblack: Marcus the Hitmonlee

:bulletred: Nature: Hasty
:bulletgreen: Trait: A little quick Tempered

:bulletred: Strength: 3 (+2 for fighting type)
As a fighting type, Marcus was already pretty strong, but thorough training pushed him further ahead than his colleague. He is VERY strong. Most of this strength comes from technique as well - a unique fighting style and devastating power nearly always gives Marcus the upper hand in fights. One problem may be that he fights purely on the offensive, and so has no idea how to be defensive if need be, but this hasn't been a problem for him before.
:bulletblue: Intelligence: 1
Marcus knows some stuff, but the vast majority of that stuff is about fighting. Marcus never went to (a proper) school and learnt everything he knows from mouth. Not the person you come to when not wanting to talk about fighting.
:bulletgreen: Agility: 4
With crazy legs comes crazy mobility. Even though Marcus has not yet perfected his leg technique he is able to extend them tenfold at will. This lets him do a massive variety of things such as rocket himself in the air, hit enemies from 20 metres away, swing on trees, wrap his legs around people, the list is endless. One things Marcus has issues with still is extending his arms. He hasn't practised with his arms yet and so is somewhat clumsy with them. Sometimes his limbs just extend by themself without him wanting them to, causing him to trip over himself.
:bulletwhite: Charisma: 2
Marcus can hold a conversation, but isn't very good at it. Not much to say here apart from Marcus is not a sweet talker and never wants to be - Scott has that down by himself.
(Points Left: 0)

:bulletwhite: Inventory: White dresshat

:bulletblack: -Rolling Kick
Marcus' favourite attack by a long run. Marcus extends his right leg and spins on the other, performing a massive round-house kick which usually hit the opponent squarely in the face. This can make them flinch, which is useful for a follow up move. Marcus usually uses this as his start up move as it is quick and allows him to end fights swiftly with the flinch.
:bulletblack: -Jump Kick
Opponent airborne? No problem! Just whack 'em out of the air by jumping straight at them and uppercutting (upperlegging?) them straight in the face! Sure to solve any fighting < flying disadvantage.
:bulletred: -Blaze Kick
Marcus attacks so fast that his foot casually sets on fire. This helps burn the enemy. It is also pretty damn intimidating, and so is useful for scoring critical hits.
:bulletwhite: -Mega Kick
Marcus' finisher move. What else is there to say apart from this kick hits hard? It might not be as accurate, however.

:bulletgreen: History:
Unlike his partner, Marcus is probably the better choice when asking about the past. Because, unlike Scott, Marcus has nowhere near as much drama in his life. He also doesn't have such a massive ego that he has to hold up. That aside, Marcus has a much simpler life with less philosophical questions.

Marcus was raised in a small town comprised entirely of fighting type pokemon. Specifically, Marcus was raised in a nursery for the Tyrogue species. Tyrogue get better treatment than most fighting type children, both because they are considered "baby pokemon" and because they have a decision to make very early on in their lives that will affect them forever - what they choose to evolve into. Do they choose to focus on attack and choose Hitmonlee to live the rest of their lives as? Will they lean toward Defense and evolve into Hitmonchan? Or do they prefer to have a bit of both, winding up as a Hitmontop? If you think about this properly, it's a bit like choosing a job that you will do for the rest of your life with no chance to try it and then say no. What you decide is what you decide, hands down, no second choices. So it's kinda stressful for the Tyrogue species, so that's why they get special treatment. We already know that Marcus chose Hitmonlee, and to put it frankly, it's a decision that he sometimes wish he hadn't chosen.

As a child, Marcus couldn't stand defense - why stand there and let yourself be hit? Why not just end every battle quickly and efficiently? Marcus was very adamant on this notion, and through constant, unrelenting training, he became very good at it. Able to end every battle with speed and grace, he levelled much quicker than his fellow friends, and so evolved sooner. He was praised as a prodigy, beating all of the past records of evolution speed. He was asked to make a speech to inspire his colleagues to evolve sooner. But as he stood at the microphone, he raised his hand for silence, and spoke. Well, tried to. He no longer owned a mouth.

This came as a shock to Marcus. "Evolution at it's finest" is his current view on the matter. But back then he was dumbfounded. Why? Why would evolution do this? All he could make were a series of grunts and hums. He hadn't realised at first because he had never seen a picture of a Hitmonlee. All he had heard was that they were masters of attack and had extendable legs. He hadn't realised he would be a foot-shaped hunchback with two sensory organs and an inability to communicate. So he stood there, at the podium, in completely silence, peering down at anticipated, and highly critical, fans. It was hell. He tried to grunt. A snigger from the back of the room. He made any noise he could. A confused mutter stumbled through the crowd. He turned to his teacher. He offered help in the form of "Go on". Marcus slowly turned back to the crowd and put his hand up for silence again, to which the crowd complied, desperate for some sort of reason for his silence. About a second past. Marcus, ever the joker, shrugged. That was Marcus's last memory of his past life before the fog exploded into the room.

Still not used to his rather insane legs, Marcus shambled through the fog. Unable to call out, unable to ask questions, unable to speak. After what felt like a week of silence and fog, he started to go mad. There was nothing. Just perpetual, unrelenting fog. Marcus eventually sat down where he stood and head his dead between his unfamiliar hands and wished. Wished that he could speak, nothing more nothing less. Instantly the fog imploded on itself and curled into a ball of white and grey. Then, it seemed to suck into Marcus - into his head, into the place his mouth used to be, into the place his ears used to be, into the place where his nose used to be. Marcus peered in shock wonder at the massive sprawling town that rested before him. He heard the children playing in the streets. Wait, he could hear? He smelt freshly baked pie sitting invitingly on the windowsill. Wait, he could smell? "Can I speak?" He asked himself aloud. That was the first time Marcus had heard his own voice in what felt like forever. He stood up. Wait, he could stand properly? Without falling over? Without his legs and arms trying to mercilessly strangle him as if they had a life of their own? Could he stretch and shorten his arms and legs at will? He spotted a blue cat drawing on a wall close to him with multi coloured crayons. At a mere thought his arm stretched at grabbed the blue cats neck and squeezed hard.

The cat made a "Hurk!" and dropped his crayon. Marcus pulled the cat closer to him. He was overjoyed at the fact his limbs did what he wanted, but didn't let it show. Instead he stared darkly at the pathetic animal that was clawing at his impenetrable brown skin in an unsuccessful attempt to get himself free from his iron grip. "What do you think you're doing?" said Marcus darkly to the creature. Once again, overjoyed, he could speak, didn't let it show. "I don't think the people in this town appreciate your graffiti."
The cat looked at Marcus with mock innocence. "I prefer the term painting." Marcus loosened his grip a little as he looked over at the cat's work. It was a colourful display, indeed. And it was on a grey wall, something that would have been remarkably monotone beforehand. The graffiti itself wasn't harmful or offensive in the slightest - rather it lit up the place. Marcus felt happy seeing it. He looked back at the cat, who was still clawing pathetically at his hand with tiny claws. He dropped him. The cat landed with an ungraceful grunt.
"Do you do this usually?" pondered Marcus aloud as he looked around, half expecting to see the Cat's colourful work on every flat surface.
"Nope. Only just got here." replied the Cat innocently. "Wouldn't you know that already? I mean, you must be, like, the police around here or somethin'."
Marcus looked at the cat in wonder. There was something about him that Marcus just felt good about. He seemed bad and aloof but just... wasn't.

Marcus thought hard about his next reply. "We could be."

:bulletblue: Relationships:
    Scott - Marcus isn't really sure himself of why he puts up with Scott's antics, but in reality it's because Scott is only person Marcus knows. It was the first person he spoke to since his evolution and since he spent most of his time training before evolution Scott is also Marcus's first and only real friend. Behind his more serious outlook he does enjoy Scott's pranks and does actually want to help commit some of them, despite his protests. He isn't aware of Scott's reverence to him, even when the two are having "friendly" competitions.
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